CTECH Automation Inc.
is a high technology company dedicated to excellence in providing automation solutions and environmental technologies for industry. We have a solid track record of providing innovative cost effective solutions. Many of our clients are known internationally and have a global presence in industry.

Our strength in providing the highest levels of engineering services is our people. CTECH has drawn together a team dedicated and knowledgeable engineering professionals. We are committed to providing practical and economical solutions from conceptual design through start up to customer service.

Every customer’s needs are unique and CTECH has always specialized in providing the kind of direct, personal and flexible service that can fulfill individual demands. By working closely with our customers, CTECH is able to develop new and improved methods and designs. As a company, CTECH is committed to make sure that we can give you, our customer, the very latest and best in design and technology.

We encourage all our clients to consult us at the earliest possible stage of a project. You will be pleasantly surprised at how innovative and proactive our approach to your cost improvement and productivity gains can be.