Tire Recycling

Multi-Grind 100 System
The Multi-Grind 100 System is a commercially proven technology for turning scrap tires and other rubber waste into 40-170 minus mesh high quality rubber powder. It is a result of many years of research and development by Christopher Chen, P.Eng., Ph.D. and it represents the latest technologies in design, manufacture and material. Years of operation in Canada proves that the system is the most advanced, reliable, and cost effective cryogenic tire grinding system available on the market today.
Multi-Grind 100 System’s proprietary cryogenic grinding system takes 4 to 20 mesh rubber crumb from ambient grinding equipment and reduces it to 40 to 170 minus mesh high quality rubber powder cost effectively. The system is modular designed for flexibility and expandability. Each module has its own freezer with temperature and nitrogen control for freezing rubber. With the help of the latest development in electronics, control theory, and cryogenic freezing technology, the freezer system effectively controls the freezing process.Proper, accurate and efficient classification of the rubber material is essential to operation. Multi-Grind 100 System’s proprietary size classification system can efficiently separate rubber powder from 40 mesh to 170 mesh depending on the customers requirements. PLC in the system allows you to monitor and control the classification process. The system offers the ultimate in capacity, reliable performance and durability.


High Purity

Clean rubber crumb from MGS 100 has less than 0.01% steel and 0.01% fiber and both are better than ASTM standard. Clean steel (less than 1.5% rubber) obtained from Multi-Grind 100 System. Clean fiber from Multi-Grind 100 System.



  • High percentage of fine powder The typical size distribution shows 95% 40 minus mesh powder
  • Better surface texture The finished powder has a desirable “cauliflower” texture which improves the bonding with other materials for high end applications
  • High purity The rubber powder has less than 0.01% steel and less than 0.01% fiber. The steel has less than 0.15% rubber. Both are better than ASTM standards
  • High rubber recovery rate
  • Cost effective
  • Commercial proven technology
  • Minimal maintenance and repairs
  • Modular designed for flexibility and expandability
  • Safe and odorless
  • No pollution
  • Maintains original rubber chemical components and physical properties
mGSpowers Photomicrograph of 100 mesh particulate showing “cauliflower” morphology which improves the bonding with other materials. The surface structure is unique to the Multi-Grind 100 System and is ideally suited for high end applications.


  • New automobile tires
  • New bike and motorcycle tires
  • Rubber tube and belts
  • Injection molding
  • Brake pads
  • Paints
  • Highways and roads
  • Highway barriers
  • Roof materials
  • Bridge Deck Expansion Joints
  • Carpet under padding
  • Flooring
  • Spray coating materials
  • Water-proof materials
  • Anti-vibration materials
  • Insulation materials
  • Friction materials

Tire Recycling System Flowchart: